Founder’s Message

Healthcare is a complex industry; constantly changing and evolving, particularly over the last few years, whether you are a patient, healthcare provider, hospital, or professional association.

It is from this climate of change that JumpStart was founded in 2006, making it uniquely poised to help clients adapt to a healthcare environment in flux with its agile structure and robust network of healthcare experts representing all facets of the healthcare continuum. More importantly, we are committed to helping our partners navigate roadblocks, overcome barriers and seize opportunities with the right strategy, tools and execution while continuously striving to improve patient outcomes and care each step of the way.

On the topic of outcomes, optimizing care by partnering with HCPs is foundational to our thinking and everything we do. Simply put, our mission is to equip healthcare providers with scientific evidence and clinical insights empowering them to make better, more informed healthcare decisions about patient care.

To help us achieve this tall order, I have drawn upon a few key insights I learned along the way in my 25-year career working in healthcare and applied these ‘lessons’ to JumpStart. It is these guiding principles that truly set us apart:

Firstly, creativity grounded in science and fueled by passion is the cornerstone to our success. The patient is always centric to our thinking and behind our passion and creativity when we work with providers and professional associations. Ultimately, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to meet the demands of contemporary healthcare challenges.

Secondly, we truly listen to our clients’ needs and desires. We strive to understand what makes them tick and also how they define success so we can help them achieve their goals. We treat each client’s business as our own and have a process in place to clearly define project scope, elements and metrics so that we deliver on time and on budget.

Finally, people matter (a great deal). As a healthcare communications and educational consultancy firm – our people are our lifeblood – we are only as good as the counsel and expertise we provide to our clients. So hiring and partnering with only the best talent – whether subject matter experts, doctors, CEOs, associations – is a mantra I stand by. For each specific project, I recalibrate my talent pool to assign only individuals who are experts in their fields. After all, demanding excellence in performance is the only way to deliver truly excellent results that our clients will look to us again and again as their business grows, faces challenges and embraces opportunities.

We are a growing and evolving company and we plan on staying smart, nimble and savvy to help our clients adapt to whatever new challenge emerges in this complex industry. We are smart enough to know we succeed when you succeed – your success is our success.

Wherever the future takes us – whether venturing into the digital healthcare frontier or navigating new healthcare legislation and its implications – patient needs will always remain front and center. We are investing resources to understand the provider/patient experience, their needs and motivation. We are building our organizational capabilities so we can continue creating breakthrough programs and services for our clients no matter how big or small their needs.

This is an exciting time for JumpStart, as the healthcare industry evolves, in turn, so do we, by staying abreast of the latest science, anticipating what will be the next challenges, and predicting how these potential minefields may affect various stakeholders.

Thank you for your interest in JumpStart and I hope you will read my new monthly blog about the latest healthcare trends, challenges and advances … stay tuned.


Andrea G. Seiden
Managing Director

JumpStart Healthcare Communications, LLC
Innovative solutions grounded in science and fueled by passion