Tele-Assessment of Pain: An Algorithm and Education Resource Video
for Case Managers and Other Healthcare Professionals

Tele-Assessment of Pain

In the hospital-to-home care continuum, pain care needs are often difficult to assess.  Pain assessments are now being conducted more often over the telephone, which can be beneficial for both the healthcare professional (HCP) and the patient, but can also pose communication challenges.

JumpStart in Action

JumpStart developed an interactive, case based training video and accompanying workbook on conducting successful tele-assessments of pain. The target audience for this video was multidisciplinary healthcare professionals (e.g. case managers, nurses, nurse educators, physicians and pharmacists).

This program educates case managers on the importance of their role on the front lines in pain assessment, the rationale for proper pain assessment, and optimal patient-communication techniques. The video teaches HCPs how to successfully utilize the tele-assessment pathway in various patient settings (preparing for a conversation, building rapport, assessment and follow up, how to use optimal telephone patient-communication techniques, and how to generate an action plan after the tele-assessment.

Making a Difference

The Tele-Assessment Program provides a clear, practical approach and step-by-step actions that case managers and other HCPs can incorporate into their telephone interactions with patients. 

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