Our Programs

We are known for our inspirational solutions that enable healthcare professionals and patients to make better, more informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.  Our educational programs translate cutting-edge scientific information into a palatable format — that healthcare professionals can use to incorporate into clinical practice. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals do a better job educating patients whether in the traditional office setting, emergency room or healthcare clinics. JumpStart ensures that clinical information and data is culturally sensitive,accessible and presented in a user-friendly format motivating patients to play an active role in managing their health. Through meaningful engagement with key ‘touch points’ — from doctors to nurses to ER attendants and patients — in the healthcare continuum, JumpStart improves outcomes. 

Our programs address some of the most current healthcare challenges by:

Igniting Knowledge Transfer and Healthcare Professional Education 
Healthcare Challenge: HCPs are unaware of how to apply evidence based medicine into practice.

JumpStart’s innovative educational programs for healthcare professionals bridge the gap between knowledge generation and adoption of new practices. This approach leads to better health behaviors and healthier patients.

  • Substance Abuse Referrals:  Evidence-Based Report and Research Guide Lead to Better Outreach by WIC Staff  Click for Case Study
  • Improving Management of Pediatric Dehydration in the Emergency Department 
    Click for Case Study
  • Improving Nursing Care of Pediatric Needlestick Pain in the Hospital Setting  
    Click for Case Study

Improving Provider/Patient Communication Flow
Healthcare Challenge: Poor or lack of communication between doctors and patients

JumpStart develops programs that help healthcare professionals listen to and more fully engage with patients, their families and caregivers in shared healthcare decisions.

  • Goals of Care Conversations: Eliciting and Respecting Patient Preferences Regarding Life-Sustaining Treatments Click for Case Study
  • Tele-Assessment of Pain: An Algorithm and Education Resource Video for Case Managers and other Healthcare Professionals Click for Case Study

Optimizing Transition from Hospital-to-Home to Improve Outcomes
Healthcare Challenge: Gaps in Patient Care in the Healthcare Continuum

JumpStart’s programs are designed to ensure that healthcare professionals successfully transition patients from hospital-to-home. A smoother transition means fewer hospital readmissions, greater patient satisfaction and lower healthcare costs.

  • Hospital-to-Home Healthcare Continuum for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients: An Interactive Forum Click for Case Study
  • Tele-Assessment of Pain: An Algorithm and Education Resource Video for Case Managers and other Healthcare Professionals Click for Case Study